• “I deliberated for a couple of years before joining this guitar building course and can honestly say that is has been one of the most rewarding, fulfilling experiences of my life.I have created a beautiful instrument in the home of the classical guitar! If you want to hear more about it from the students point of view I am happy to be contacted on anthony_herrmann@o2.co.uk “


  • “Pablo’s guitar making course is a wonderful way to build your own guitar. He is able to help you through the intricacies of guitar making in the most dedicated way, while still keeping the process both fun and hugely instructive. The guitar that I built under his guidance is something I am extremely proud of, and exceeded all my expectations. It wasn’t easy, but all the hard work was justified in the superb guitar that resulted from working with Pablo.I would be happy to be contacted by anyone wanting more info about the course on  dunsash@gmail.com     Duncan James”


  • To work with a Master Guitar builder is truly a privilege. Pablo is a great teacher, being generous with his knowledge, which he communicates in an easy to understand way.
    My woodworking skills before the start of the course were very basic and my experience of building guitars non-existent, but Pablo showed me how to use each tool and become comfortable with it. His workshop is well equipped and the tools used are of the best quality.
    I wanted to build a traditional Guitar in the Torres / Hauser style. Pablo was happy to go along with this and guide me along the lines of building an instrument that was light but strong. It was rewarding and fun to design and create my own Rosette which came out better than I could have expected. The materials I used were top quality German Spruce and Indian Rosewood.
    During the course we had plenty of time to discuss techniques, the history of guitar-making, the influences on the sound and quality of tone, the choices of wood and how to equip a workshop.
    The finished Guitar when played for the first time was an emotional moment, having great projection, clarity and a beaufiful tone from the very first note played. The Guitar I had made under the tutelage of Pablo far outreached anything I thought I was capable of producing.
    For anyone thinking about doing this course I would say do it if you can, it will be an wonderfully rewarding experience and if you want to talk to me personally about the course I would be more than happy to do so.
    Richard Read