Pablo Requena

I was born in Malaga, southern Spain where I was very influenced by Andalucían guitar makers which has meant that my guitars have a very strong Spanish character. As a maker I have been building classical and flamenco guitars for the last 20 years in a very traditional way inspired by the instruments made by Antonio Torres and Hermann Hauser. I use mainly hand tools and timbers that have been seasoned well in my workshop. My guitars are played by musicians that include Paul Gregory, John Mills, Jorge Cardoso, Javier Garcia, and the late Amy Winehouse amongst many others.

Guitar Making Course

I have been teaching people the art of guitar making for the past 12 years and in that time I have been able to develop a method of teaching that helps the student to easily engage in the different stages of the guitar making process.  The result is a great experience and sense of achievement as the student is building his or her very own classical or flamenco guitar to a very high standard.

It is important for me that the students enjoy the process of making a guitar in a relaxed atmosphere and at the same time are assured that all their questions will be answered.  I am always at hand at every stage of the making process ensuring that the completed guitars are of a very high standard, the same as the guitars that I would build for my own clients.

At the end of the course there will be a casual concert and party to celebrate the completion of the course in Central Malaga. A local professional guitarist is invited to  play the guitars which have been built during the course and to demonstrate what the instruments are capable of.

Guitar Making Course Party